Sixth November Blog.

Christmas Baubles for the Tree, or ME!

Christmas Baubles for the Tree, or ME!

Sixth November Blog. 14-11-14

It’s Getting Closer Folks!

The Winter Festival.

There Must Be Something In It?
The Season growing nigh.
The kind of dizzy feeling
That makes your mouth all dry.
Is it that days are shorter?
The winter months roll on.
And colder weather greets us,
We shiver all day long.
But in that dim and darktide,
That hides from us, the day,
We long to send it running
By acting light and gay.
It used to be The Green Man,
Worshiped in the woods,
Now it is a Christian God,
With rich wine and good foods.
Rituals have changed some
As centuries go by,
People now give presents
As snow clouds fill the sky.
So kneel beside the fire,
Exchanging gifts that were brought,
And thank whoever gave them.
For the dear and kindly thought.
The feast prepared so lovingly,
And blessed by friends around,
To wish each other joyiousness,
Sing carols, hear the sound.
Their voices ringing loud and clear
All on a Christmas night.
You bless the reindeer legend,
And imagine them in flight.
Thinking of tomorow,
Brings hope and joy in part,
Rejoice the Day that’s coming
And keep Love in every heart.

Copyright. Evelyn. J. Steward. November, 2014

OK, Tescos have their famous Chocolate Logs instore. Been waiting for these to start rolling in. They do not stay long! YUM! Yes, still a diabetic, but Christmas IS a’coming, lovely people.

November is belting away ‘faster than a speeding….’, well, you all know the saying. Seems to be running away. The days pass so quickly. More and more turkeys are finding their way into supermarkets. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and stickers are in ‘full flow’ ( ‘take’ on ‘A Christmas Carol’ ). Maybe that might be more pertinent as this and other years go by. Banks and Credit Card Companies taking more and more. Produce in shops costing much more than ever. Heating fuel going up and up. But say, it will soon be Christmas, everyone wants to be able to enjoy the Holiday as much as possible.

Doesn’t always work out that way!

The rent or mortgage has to be paid. Many other items must be dealt with before we can think about food or gifts. These are not simple items any more. Of course, there are plenty to whom the Season is great when it comes around, money no real object. Lucky people. Others save up all year for a ‘blowout’. Well done.

I remember when I was a kid. The War had ended and a few years on, things were now more plentiful. Meats and richness not available for years during and after WW2, were getting into the shops. Then we could and did buy, an H Bone of beef, turkey, pork joint. I remember also that winters were a bit colder. Ice, in wonderful patterns on the inside of the landing window.

Dad did not work on Christmas Eve. He and I set off early Christmas Eve to a market a bit closer into London. W5, no less!

Stallkeepers, like that of the greengrocer, urging us to buy their fruit. Freezing cold, we both had a quarter of an orange or tangerine pressed into our hands, juice dripping down our coats. We would come back loaded with bags full of apples, citrus fruits, loose nuts like walnuts, cob nuts, Brazils, chestnuts for the turkey stuffing, and so on. Any other last minute items were also purchased. Dad and I would struggle back loaded, our bags full to bursting with Christmas cheer. This is a part of what memories lurk in my mind. It brings mum and dad back so close!!!!!

Then there were the parties. Aunts, Uncles and cousins all coming round for short or long stays. We danced, raucously, often breakiing the gas mantle. Dad always got in a small store of them, knowing they would often be broken by arms flailing in the air.

When we were all tired or departed, the rest settled down to games and drinks, cold turkey and ham, mince pies and Christmas Pudding flaming with brandy and doused with double cream. We rarely got to bed ( or in some cases, fell asleep on the floor, totally whacked) before 3 or 4 a.m. Boxing Day morning.

Breakfast, then out to walk along the canal to the football game in the next town. Quite often, the dim winter sun shone on us as we happily trudged beside the freezing water. Whether our team won or not, was immaterial. Our appetites were jostled into action by the walk, the yelling for our team, the laughing and talking on the way back to where mum and the other sisters, our Auntie or mum, depending, were getting the meal ready. One Aunt came to the match with us.

The afternoon was for the men, nap time, the kids playing with games or gifts, mum and her two sisters sat in the kitchen drinking tea and talking for hours. A glass of sherry often was consumed too. None of the sisters were much good when drinking alcohol, it going to their heads fast. But it was fun to listen to them.

These are my happy, happy memories of Christmas.

They will not be your memories. You will have your own, good, bad or indifferent. They are for you to remember. Christmas is a time for remembering, especially family members we hold dear. Sadly, all of mine are now gone. So, with tears in my eyes, I bid you farewell for now.

Take care of yourselves.



3 thoughts on “Sixth November Blog.

  1. Thank you Jenanita01′ Bless you. It is just that we have QVCUK as a backgroubd often a nd it has been non stop Christmas. Not a huge thing now, but remembering those times gone by.

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