Fourth November Blog.

Just because of the red, for blood

Just because of the red, for blood

Fourh November Blog. -12-11-14

Accidents in the Home!

About ten days Ago I knocked over a tall bottle of organic olive oil.

Well, I cleaned it all up, picking the glass up ftom the floor with wodges of kitchen paper, it was messy, there is no doubt. Always loads of small shards. They are the worst to pick up. But, as far as I could tell, i had every piece of glass covered.


A few days later, after walking through the same area many, many times, backwards and forwards, I thought no more about it. It was done. Finito!


So, last Wednesday, I started to walk through from kitchen and …..something in my shoe. With lunch plate in left hand, I picked up my sandal, only to find underneath, the bottom of the oil bottle, complete with a portion of the side still attached and sticking up through my sandal and, what is more, into my foot about half an inch.

I bled all over the carpet, I mean, really bleeding. Kept on bleeding in my daughter’s car, all over the floor of the A & E . Two kind ladies, not staff, got me a wheelchair and notified the admittance desk ( there were about 8 people queueing to log in, so to speak, very busy ( only A & E for miles around now) . But someone came out, shoved a gown under my foot, and wheeled me in to one of the cubicles where a nurse started to prep me.

He sort of cleaned my foot, compression bandaged my foot and elevated it. Only for a short time as they needed the space. So I was taken out to the waiting room again until someone was ready to deal with my foot. I suppose I waited aboit 46 minutes or so.

I was then taken to a clinic. Just across the hallway, but apparently, it is a private clinic. He was very nice. Sent me for an Xray. Was a bit of a wait there. But finally, I was taken into Xray. I told the radiographer that they had put a pin in the bamdage, to show where the cut was.


He wan’t having any of that!

Don’t get me wrong, he was a lovely guy to the patients. Took me back to the clinic and really had a go at them there. All about the folly, as he implied, of putting a foreign body where he was supposed to search for a foreign body ( to wit, any glass in my foot ). He said he would not remove the pin. Could not touch it. They had to do that. The pin almost fell out of the bandage.

So, back to Xray and several photos later, I am taken back to the clinic.( Here is where a nurse complained about the radiographer’s complaint.)

Now came the really painful stuff.

The clinic guy said he had to clean the wound as it was full of congealed blood. (at least you can say that my blood coagulates well. It had done that in my sandal – which the first nurse had stashed in a plastic bag). So, he got everything ready, including a syringe to inject a deadening serum. Many times that needle was driven into my heel. Very painful! Until, finally, it was dead enough for him to clean out the deep wound, and then to sew up. He put in three stitches. Made a lovely job. Told me to come back in a week. And that is where I went today. Waited an hour and 15 minutes before I was seen.

So many people. I sit there and watch and wonder, what is wrong with them? What story could I write about some of these people and their problems?

All life is played out in the hospital A & E!

Be careful, lovely people. It can happen to anyone, at any time, for simple reasons.



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