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Second October Blog.

A beautuful tree in Fall

October in Ontario

Second October Blog. – 6/10/14

The weather so far this October has been calm and not too cool. Long may it stay that way. Winter will be upon us here in good old Blighty, soon enough. No sense wishing it here before it is due. In fact, I shall be very pleased if, like last winter, it stays mild here in Northen climes. Not sure but I am of the opinion that imany people living far from our shores, think we are much further South than we actually are. I do believe Northern Scotland comes just within the Arctic Circle, or at the very least, close too its Southern-most boundaries. The reason we are not often engulfed by snowy blizzards that last for months is that we are warmed by the Gulf Stream coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. This swathe of relatively warm water, keeps our seas, and as such, our lands, much warmer than they otherwise would be.

I have checked us out on the Meridians years ago, and we are more northerly than some parts of Canada. Now that is a thing to think about. Yea for the Gulf Stream. We do also get affected by the Jet Stream, a stream of air that moves across the USA/Canada, the Atlantic Ocean and depending on Natural forces that affect the Jet Stream, it can be either north of the UK ( in which case it seems we have better weather, seasonably or otherwise) or it can dip and be over or further south than these islands. This often means for us, bad or unseasonabke weather. Not so good.

Weather all over the world can be affected by things like uncharted volcanic action. I watched a t.v. programme some years ago where this was explained. Volcanic eruptions in the Southern Hemisphere affect the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. There are always volcanic eruptions of one kind or another, small mostly. Then there are the tsunamis, various named winds that usually follow a set pattern. But then something happens, and they change direction or spread further etc. all these forces have an impact on weather systems all over the world.

Just look at all the tormadoes occurring in the United States! All tremendous forces of Nature that have patterns of their own which are affected by other forces that do not normally occur or where patterns have changed due to other atmospheric changes. Mount St. Helens, for instance, that erupted, out of the blue, and affected weather conditions, not only in the general area of the eruption, but sent plumes of smoke and gases into the atmosphere which sent shock waves for thousands of miles far away.

You just have to take these unusual circumstances into account when you say something like ‘we never got weather like this before’ or ‘ strange weather we are having lately’. Then there is the Earth itself. Magma heaving and thrusting beneath our feet. It is not that far down, believe me, and in some places, a foot or two beneath our feet. Earthquakes too, all play their part in impacting the shape of the weather systems above and around our heads.

In recent years, we humans have played our part in the changes. Deforestation for one, the burning of fossil fuels for another. When will we learn? Now we have a new threat on the scene, fracking!!! Can we really not live without more oil being dragged from this planet to move us from here to there, to fuel more industrusl complexes nd so on. Who decides that these ideas are good ones? The oil Companies, the men at the top who want more profit? I do not think it is the man in the street. OK it is only my opinion. You may shout me down, say I have no idea what I am talking about, but this is how it seems to me. And in any case, it is my blog.

Think about it, my friends, do you agree in part, whole or not at all?

Take good care of yourselves.