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Fifth October Blog


Fifth October Blog. 10-10-14

Winter Warmers.

Poem. :-

It begins with white,
A flower that shows
The bees where there’s nectar,
With pollen in the middle.

Then tiny green buds
Turn into round fruit
And grow when the sun shines,
Then watered with nettle.

They grow very fast,
And when grown,
They turn yellow,
Or orangey red, in fine fettle.

Then juicy and ripe,
They are picked
And prepared
and put into the ‘kettle’ .

Copyright. Evelyn J. Steward. October, 2014

Winter Warmers.

Well, we are having a taste of REAL autumnal weather today. It has been windy all week, but the sun has shone enough to counter balance the slight rawness in the air. Oh, it is not really cold, not really, not yet. These Isles don’t work that way. But Nature is putting out fingers to test us and to let us know she is sending the colder stuff to us in due course.

There was also rain and some thunder in my area. Thunder is not so normal at this time of year. But then again, what is normal, weatherwise, these days? Some heating is on upstairs and the gas fire has been burning downstairs for some days now. Have to start putting extra by as the costs have soared in the last to or three years. I know costs go up, but for those on a fixed income, how do people find extra to compensate? I think too much profit is being made that goes to those who do absolutely nothing by way of work to earn it, but buy shares! What is that all about? I do not understand it too well, and I am not stupid. Just technically challenged.

How are your personal projects going, dear people? Mine have slowed to an absolute crawl, apart from poems. Writing a few of those. I write about all kinds of things in poems. Not precious about poetry. Some people are. For some, poetry has to be dour/meaningful/desultry even. I wrote a poem about cheeses yesterday. Saw someone on t.v. selling cheeses for Christmas and it got me to thinking of all the different cheeses made in these islands of mine. Of ours! I did not/could not name them all, there are so many varieties. But some poets would never do a poem such as that.

I try to go with the flow, as they say. Write what ines enter my head at the time the ideas pop up. Does not matter what the subject matter is. The same with my short stories. I think it is because when I attended all my Creative Writing Courses over here, back in the day, the well tried method appeared to be, get your students to write pieces on any topic for the following week. Set a title perhaps, or a genre and see what they come up with. You would be surprised how many different genres or stories can be elicited from the same few words.

The students only had a short time to read their piece out so that the other students heard what they created, so it could not be long – up to 2,000 words, or less, if possible. So we kind of all became trained in thinking on our feet, making up something from relatively nothing. One lady wtote a poem every week, same subject/s we all had, but in rhyme. Clever! She almost became stuck, on the odd occasion, but still managed to pull something out of the proverbial hat.

For those of you who have never taken Creative Writing classes and are thinking along those lines, give it a try. I learnt a good deal. With good tutors, I personally think it a worthwhile and beneficial course of action. It surely cannot do harm. You meet other students, broaden your horizons, see what others are doing but most of all, have good info from paid tutors who should know about the wriiting game.

11/10/14. As an end, it has not been a good day. Had my eyes tested. I was ten minutes before the appointment time but did not get seen until 25 mins after my appointment time. I feel that I was deliberately kept waiting. I was also lied to more than once. I won’t go into the further details but my point is……why make an appointment time if they are not going to keep to that time? Then they took so long that my ride was totally annoyed with me for keeping her waiting for an hour and forty minutes. I was annoyed too because technically, it was not my fault.

So the rest of the day has been spent in anger. Hers especially but mine too. Plus, the only frames I could get because of my sight problems, I was not happy with ( they are making them all too narrow and I would not be able to see as well) then was told the lenses may not fit the frames. So, after getting home and having a cup of coffee to try to heal the breach, I get in touch with opticians to say that I had changed my mind about the frames, only to find that the order had already been placed!!! So, lie, lie and even more lies !!!!!

What is this world coming to? (Apologies for the mini rant but, there is always something to rant about these days. Am I really getting old ?)

Have a good day my friends,



Fourth October Blog. – First Books.

Peace, tranquility, soul

Fourth October Blog. – 8/10/14

When I was a child, there was a World War going on. Things were hard to get, money was even tighter. I cannot remember when I got my first book. All I know is that Dad went out of his way to give me books that broadened my mind, even though I might not have been old enough to read them myself.

Cannot remember which books were first or second etc. i do know that I read or was read too but still have those books, LITTLE WOMEN, TREASURE ISLAND, THE WATER BABIES, and others of that ilk. I had a book from school for being top, not only of my class, but that school year. It was called STORM OF DANCERWOOD. Have no idea who wrote it and although I still have the book, I cannot actually get to it at this monent. It was not the only book prize I recieved from school. One was a book all about the kings and queens of England. A thick tome. As they reigned, probably starting with William the Conquerer up to George 6th.

My dad was sent to a childrens’ home at a very early age himself but, the teachers there or wherever they did their schooling, were of the old type. One of the pieces dad had to learn was from THE LAYS OF ANCIENT ROME, yeah! that is about what I thought! The piece dad often quoted was ‘How Horatio Kept the Bridge’. I recently picked up this book on Amazon, but have yet to open its pages.

It got me to thinking about what books have been momentous in your lives? In my teens to early twenties, I was hooked on sci fi. I cannot say that I read all the most prominent sci fi authors of the today. I tended to go for long short stories, or longush short stories. Many authors are now very well known in the sfi fi field. Perhaps I have not had time to look them all up. Perhaps that will be something to do on a quiet day.

Mostly I read Golanz. Lots of famous writers with short stories, and I do not by any means, think that I read every one of their editions, but I do know I read through a lot of them. Stories like ‘I Robot’, very well known now. ‘Make Room, Make Room’ (otherwise known as Soylent Green). Then there was a series about “slow glass” and another titled ‘Cities in Flight’, other titles I have now forgotten. I think there were other anthologies that I also read but their names escape me. Those books were easier to read than whole books, at the time.

Since going to Creative Writing classes a few years ago, my horizons have been broadened. Then of course, the Internet adds fuel to the mix, and now I read Historical fiction as well as fact. Romance novels, chosen well. Now I have started reading Vampire and Zombie novels. So you see, there are all types of books out there and apart from those I have mentioned, I try something, totally out if left field and if the sample grabs me, then at some point I buy the book and read on, surprising myself at what I choose. Surprise and enjoyment, fulfilling my reading needs, expanding my horizons even further.

I hope into the future, I will explore more and different novels, become better informed, lighter of heart. This way I get to explore more Indie Authors too. Not. Bad thing!

Be careful out there people.


Third October Blog


Third October Blog. – 8/1014

I am preparing this blog, as I have done before, on a Sunday. And last night, the windows steamed up. Getting cold out there folks. Not o much during the day, but you can certainly see a difference in temperature at night now.

Some trees are shedding and around here, autumnal colours are not much to write home about. Yellows, browns, though most trees, because it was such a lovely spring and summer, are still wearing their green summer coats, though those greens have a tinge, just a tinge of yellow or brown.

Enough of the weather report already!

Again, i am ‘ meeting ‘ new authors. Lovely people with great stories to tell. If only there were more time to read all their books/blogs. I try as much as I can, but time is short.

Busy this afternoon. Have just had a late lunch, not bad smoked salmon, and the beauty of it is, it was a reasonable price and i have extended that price by having slightly less on our plates so that one 200 gm packet will go three times for lunch for two. I call that good management. Our roast chicken I am cooking for tonight was on a special offer so much cheaper than the guide price. This will provide a meal each for two, for at least two meals, then at least one meal for lunch and then soup for two. I may even be able to freeze a small amount for soup another time. Needless to say, we are buying another chicken and freezing it this coming week (for delivery tomorrow morning) while the special price offer is still available.

Domesticity takes pride of place over all, apparently. Look after the small things…….etc.!

We read a piece yesterday in a newspaper that really p**ssed me off. How some women were saying they could not manage on over £100,000 per annum, paying school fees ( if you cannot afford it, DON’T DO IT!!!!). Only 4 holidays per annum. I do not have ONE holiday and am not grousing! They have to pay for regular beauty treatments. And use Spas and it costs so much, they cannot afford to pay the mortgage! WHAT! Where are their priorites? Mortgage comes first, people! The list went on.

Now, I do not begrudge anyone a holiday. You work, you need a break, but the quote for one was a trip to China, plus the Seychelles, plus other holidays whilst complaining they did not get Child Support. What! To help pay for the myriad lholidays? Everyone is entitled to choose a school, but if, on those incomes, you cannot afford the school fees, the uniforms, the tennis lessons and so on, find another cheaper or State run school. Please do not bitch to those who have only around £20,000 per annum to house, feed, clothe a family!! Sorry, another rant. I really bite the bullet with these disclosures. They live in a different world to most people, and as such, ought to be given a grip on reality.

If all these expenditures are important to you, AND your income allows you to afford such expenditures, and you are happy to spend said income in this way, by all means, be my guest. Just do NOT BITCH in public, that you do not have enough money to keep up this standard of of living!!!!! Tough titty! CUT some of the spending on unnecessary extra holidays, CUT the spending in Health Spas – totally unnecessary, CUT your spending on so called beauty treatments, unnecessary.

A very famous author once said, in one of his novels. “Annual Income £100, annual expenditure £99.19s. 6p, happiness. Annual income, £100, annual expenditure £100. 00s 6p. Misery!!! Those wimen who bitched at not having enough on their incomes ( or orobably their partner’s incomes) should take stock. Rework their expenses and cut back on a few things, but most of all STOP BITCHING YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH. Most have to make do on much less.

I rest my case.

Seems I am often on a rant here lately, so sorry.

Have a good week, my friends.


Second October Blog.

A beautuful tree in Fall

October in Ontario

Second October Blog. – 6/10/14

The weather so far this October has been calm and not too cool. Long may it stay that way. Winter will be upon us here in good old Blighty, soon enough. No sense wishing it here before it is due. In fact, I shall be very pleased if, like last winter, it stays mild here in Northen climes. Not sure but I am of the opinion that imany people living far from our shores, think we are much further South than we actually are. I do believe Northern Scotland comes just within the Arctic Circle, or at the very least, close too its Southern-most boundaries. The reason we are not often engulfed by snowy blizzards that last for months is that we are warmed by the Gulf Stream coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. This swathe of relatively warm water, keeps our seas, and as such, our lands, much warmer than they otherwise would be.

I have checked us out on the Meridians years ago, and we are more northerly than some parts of Canada. Now that is a thing to think about. Yea for the Gulf Stream. We do also get affected by the Jet Stream, a stream of air that moves across the USA/Canada, the Atlantic Ocean and depending on Natural forces that affect the Jet Stream, it can be either north of the UK ( in which case it seems we have better weather, seasonably or otherwise) or it can dip and be over or further south than these islands. This often means for us, bad or unseasonabke weather. Not so good.

Weather all over the world can be affected by things like uncharted volcanic action. I watched a t.v. programme some years ago where this was explained. Volcanic eruptions in the Southern Hemisphere affect the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. There are always volcanic eruptions of one kind or another, small mostly. Then there are the tsunamis, various named winds that usually follow a set pattern. But then something happens, and they change direction or spread further etc. all these forces have an impact on weather systems all over the world.

Just look at all the tormadoes occurring in the United States! All tremendous forces of Nature that have patterns of their own which are affected by other forces that do not normally occur or where patterns have changed due to other atmospheric changes. Mount St. Helens, for instance, that erupted, out of the blue, and affected weather conditions, not only in the general area of the eruption, but sent plumes of smoke and gases into the atmosphere which sent shock waves for thousands of miles far away.

You just have to take these unusual circumstances into account when you say something like ‘we never got weather like this before’ or ‘ strange weather we are having lately’. Then there is the Earth itself. Magma heaving and thrusting beneath our feet. It is not that far down, believe me, and in some places, a foot or two beneath our feet. Earthquakes too, all play their part in impacting the shape of the weather systems above and around our heads.

In recent years, we humans have played our part in the changes. Deforestation for one, the burning of fossil fuels for another. When will we learn? Now we have a new threat on the scene, fracking!!! Can we really not live without more oil being dragged from this planet to move us from here to there, to fuel more industrusl complexes nd so on. Who decides that these ideas are good ones? The oil Companies, the men at the top who want more profit? I do not think it is the man in the street. OK it is only my opinion. You may shout me down, say I have no idea what I am talking about, but this is how it seems to me. And in any case, it is my blog.

Think about it, my friends, do you agree in part, whole or not at all?

Take good care of yourselves.