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First November Blog. 1-11-14. Posted 31-10-14

OK, when I wrote this poem, it WAS miserable.
Halloween, and the sun is brightly shining, continuing this wonderful year of lovely weather in my part of England. Not our normal fare, but what is these days? So, if it is miserable where you good people live, then this poem will be totally applicable.
And yes, I am posting a first November post on 31st October. Getting ahead of the game, ha!

Changeable Days.

Yes, here it is, the dull November,
Bringing with it, bleaker weather.
Gone the sun of summer days,
Or autumn with its changeable ways.
Gone crisp days, with leaves a’flying,
Now the warmer days are dying.
Power winds that blow aplenty,
Gaining forceful strength, not gently
Do they hit our coastal plain,
Then turn to ocean waves again
Setting up a whirlwind furor
Bringing tundra winds, moreover.
Sometimes snow will follow through
When the Earth, in frost, renew.
Months of winter lay ahead,
Whilst we lie sleeping, warm in bed.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward. November, 2014.

Not that I/we celebrate Christmas in the most normal way, but I have found the new lighted ribbon garland which I had mislaid. It is red, not, as you may remember, my favourite colour. But for Christymussy things, red or white are the colours ( there wasn’t a green one available). I have the red, daughter has a white one. Mine is destined to sit atop the cardholder ( which has not yet been purchased) on the door. It will probably be in a bow shape. It is battery operated so no problems on that score.

I am not feeling terribly Christmussy, as yet, but was with a relative on Sunday who loves Christmas. In fact, she ordered a new WHITE slim tree while we were there. Having rearranged their main room, space for their normal tree was sparce, so a new tree, that would better fit into the space,was the way to go. So, the seasonal feeling was creeping in, and creeping over to me, what’s morei!

When a young woman, still living at home, I used to watch cookery programmes of the time ( still do ), and by watching those, decided that Boxing Day was for setting out a kind of Tapas, as it is called today. There would be fresh prawns, pineapple cubes on top of cheese on cocktail sticks, different little savoury biscuits, Twiglets, gerkins, cocktail onions and so on, as many as I could get onto the dish. Dad was very proud of this. Just my litle flair, I guess. We would pick and eat from the dish when guests came. Wasn’t a meal, just a little bite or two. Nothing special, but at the time, something slightly out of the ordinary. Heady Christmas days. Times to remember, parents long gone.

Going back even further, when my daughter was a toddler and we lived in two small rooms, I found some bare sticks in the garden, painted them white. Then just the odd home-made decoration, some glitter and voila!, stuck in a pot, a Christmas tree that fit the space and cost very little, just the glitter. All a matter of using your imagination and a little painting skill. Nowadays, you can buy all manner of trees, from huge to teeny tiny ones that sit in the cab of a lorry ( truck). From very natural looking trees to ones made of wire or curly, in the usual cone shape of course.

Something else I found out on Sunday with rellies, you can buy BLACK baubles. Never thought that colour was possible, not for Christmas. Minimalistic, I suppose! Yes, our dear friend Amazon do black, black with silver, silver with black designs, silver, black and grey as a set, the choice seems almost endless. I mean, black!!! Who wudda thunk it????? Not my colour for the Christmas season! But, each to his/her own, I guess. Silver, I can go with silver, I can go with a white tree ( whilst trawling through looking for black baubles, just out of curiosity mind, I also saw a Black TREE! Now, I do think that is going a bit beyond the pale.

Christmas Spirit.

Come join in the Christmas spirit,
Choose decorations gay.
Scout around for berried holly,
Loads to greet the Day.

Baubles, any colour and shape,
Tinsel to decorate,
Santas swinging in the branches,
Corn garlands, popped in the grate.

Balloons or paper balls in corners,
Chains from room to room.
Do you want a star or fairy
To brighten up the gloom?

Cardboard hangers for the greeting
Cards, through letterbox,
Gaudy lights to brighten Christmas,
Eggnog, to detox.

So as Christmas is a’dawning
You will surely not be scared,
To enjoy each treasured happening,
And you’ll always be prepared.

Copyright Evelyn J. Steward, November, 2014

QVCUK has a lot to answer for, all these days of Christmas selling. Nice to see, expensive on the pocket.

Well, on a day where the sun is shining gloriously, though it does look a mite fresh out there, then I shall post this pre Christmas blog. Get you all into the spirit, if you are Christian, of course. If another religion, then I am sure you also have a festival close to this time. Most religions seem to. Happy whatever.

Be safe and be good to each other.


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