Fourth October Blog. – First Books.

Peace, tranquility, soul

Fourth October Blog. – 8/10/14

When I was a child, there was a World War going on. Things were hard to get, money was even tighter. I cannot remember when I got my first book. All I know is that Dad went out of his way to give me books that broadened my mind, even though I might not have been old enough to read them myself.

Cannot remember which books were first or second etc. i do know that I read or was read too but still have those books, LITTLE WOMEN, TREASURE ISLAND, THE WATER BABIES, and others of that ilk. I had a book from school for being top, not only of my class, but that school year. It was called STORM OF DANCERWOOD. Have no idea who wrote it and although I still have the book, I cannot actually get to it at this monent. It was not the only book prize I recieved from school. One was a book all about the kings and queens of England. A thick tome. As they reigned, probably starting with William the Conquerer up to George 6th.

My dad was sent to a childrens’ home at a very early age himself but, the teachers there or wherever they did their schooling, were of the old type. One of the pieces dad had to learn was from THE LAYS OF ANCIENT ROME, yeah! that is about what I thought! The piece dad often quoted was ‘How Horatio Kept the Bridge’. I recently picked up this book on Amazon, but have yet to open its pages.

It got me to thinking about what books have been momentous in your lives? In my teens to early twenties, I was hooked on sci fi. I cannot say that I read all the most prominent sci fi authors of the today. I tended to go for long short stories, or longush short stories. Many authors are now very well known in the sfi fi field. Perhaps I have not had time to look them all up. Perhaps that will be something to do on a quiet day.

Mostly I read Golanz. Lots of famous writers with short stories, and I do not by any means, think that I read every one of their editions, but I do know I read through a lot of them. Stories like ‘I Robot’, very well known now. ‘Make Room, Make Room’ (otherwise known as Soylent Green). Then there was a series about “slow glass” and another titled ‘Cities in Flight’, other titles I have now forgotten. I think there were other anthologies that I also read but their names escape me. Those books were easier to read than whole books, at the time.

Since going to Creative Writing classes a few years ago, my horizons have been broadened. Then of course, the Internet adds fuel to the mix, and now I read Historical fiction as well as fact. Romance novels, chosen well. Now I have started reading Vampire and Zombie novels. So you see, there are all types of books out there and apart from those I have mentioned, I try something, totally out if left field and if the sample grabs me, then at some point I buy the book and read on, surprising myself at what I choose. Surprise and enjoyment, fulfilling my reading needs, expanding my horizons even further.

I hope into the future, I will explore more and different novels, become better informed, lighter of heart. This way I get to explore more Indie Authors too. Not. Bad thing!

Be careful out there people.


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