Eleventh September Blog


Eleventh September Blog. – 29-9-14. Still time to get another blog in – just!

How many books have you read, good people, that have been made into films?

Lots more than you think! I also include here, t.v. Films and series. There are those well known ones like the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Blade Runner. And I have not finished there. But there are others where the film/series is better known than the books they come from. And I can be just as ignorant as anyone else on this matter. Some films from books, are actually revelations. There will be more on those later.

There are those films where the books are obvious, or so well known, that most people are aware of what the heritage of the film is. I can quote such films and books as “Gone With the Wind”, “Twilight”, “Macbeth”, ( ok so that was a play rather than a book), “Jane Eyre”, “Silence of the Lambs”, “Bridget Jones”, “Brideshead Revisited”, “Jaws”, “The Color Purple”, “The Godfather”, “The Shining”, and so on.

And then there are films/t,v. Plays etc. that many people do not know come from books, and I may be doing you an injustice here but thus is something of an enlightenment, should you wish it to be. Films like “Bladerunner” which actially comes from a Philip K Dick book called ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’

I have made a very, very short list of books made into films. Problem is, i wanted to list here films where the title does not match up with the book title. Like ‘Rum Punch’ by Elmore Leonard which came out as a Taratino film “Jackie Brown”.
The part novella called ‘The Body’ came out as “Stand by Me”.
’58 Minutes was made as “Diehard 2 “.
‘Addie Pray’. Came out as “Paper Moon”.
‘After Hours’ found screen fame as “Carlito’s Way”.
‘The American Tragedy’ found fame as “A Place in the Sun” and so on, you get my drift.
How many more films mascarading as just. ..films, have been taken from books and are not widely known as osuch???

So you see, when watching a film, it is always interesting to view the credits with a more than usual, ooen eye. You might find its background will take you on a voyage of discovery, to a book that you would never have guessed to be revealed as the heritage of a popular film/t.v. series.

On the films-from-books score, there are some films, made from books, that are popular. For instance, “Planet of the Apes”. Everyone knows P of the Apes, but did many of you know that another famous film was made of a book by the same author. Not unusual, I hear you say, she must be off her trolley. But wait, I say, this second film, possibly made before the other, though I am not positive in that score, is totally different. Different genre, different type of film, but the same author wrote each book. I know, I have read both and seen both films many times. The author I am referring to is a Frenchman called. Pierre Boulle. The other film I refer to is called “Bridge Over the River Kwai!”

I am sure some of you will do your own research which is time-consuming, but a revelation it could be for anyone checking up.

Take care you lovely people,

See you next month. ( alright, in a few days, ha!)


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