Lost and Found! Fifth September Blog. Just a small advert for an anthology in which several of my works appear. It is called, ‘Read For Animals 2″. Other authors and poets have also donated works. Proceeds from this book are being used to help various animal shelters. It is available on Amazon as an ebook, and there is a print version as there are lots of photographs of various animals. Do please take a look. You will be helping animals in need. Lorinda J. Taylor posted in Animal lovers unite to help animals in shelters, sanctuaries and animal hospices A very nice review from Lorinda J. Taylor……. …….. Lorinda J. Taylor 10 September 16:46 Now we’re starting to get a little action! I guess it’s because Erika updated the date! I’ll talk a little bit about v.2 of Read for Animals. One of my favorite pieces in that book is Tiger, by Evelyn Steward It captures the feel and the mood of a tiger in India. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries on the tiger reserves in India, where the tigers frequent old ruins, and also on the Sunderbans in Bangladesh, where tigers oftenkill people. This story captures but dangerous atmosphere of those places. Evelyn also has a nice poem about animals getting ready for winter, called Nature’s Summer People. I also enjoyed the environmental fable One Hot Mess, by Jeanne E. Rogers. Outback animals and humans learn to cooperate to preserve the environment. And I like her story The Trouble with Monkey Brains, about the birth and care of a physically challenged bulldog puppy – it has a very happy ending! It’s told from two points of view – the puppy’s and its human helpers. View Post on Facebook —————- Now, an update on my last but one post, about Gremlins. Two items, lost, have now come to light, thankfully. Mind you, there is always something else that the Gremlins purloin, even on a temporary basis. So, I am more of a happy bunny now. This is more a week of medical appointments. Family member today, nothing bad. I have podiatry tomorow and on Thursday (a most if the day appointment), I shall be in hospital having minor surgery, if you will. An injection in the spine, so I will not be around for a few hours. Hope it goes better tnis time. I bled a bit last time and my leg had some deadness. Weeks later, i had deadness in my lower spine too, and sciatica for a short time. Ps. NHS cancelled my podiatry appt. have to wait yet another month. Rediculous ! Has anyone had to remove entrenched ivy from a house wall? I have been doing this today. A low task because it literally ‘sticks like glue’. Not glue but, so many feeler roots clinging on to paintwork on the wall. Let alone what grows higher up. Some of the stems are over 1 inch thick. Hard job, and another garden project not completed before autumn sets in. I shall keep going as long as possible. Bit of a nothing week, this week, so I apologise for my blog being somewhat hit and miss. I shall blog next week, hopefully a bit more informative, friendly or …….whatever. Be careful out there folks, Evelyn

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