Third September Blog. 6/9/14 Does anyone else suffer from Gremlins/call them what you will, these critters take your stuff and hide it. Not just for a short time, though that also happens, but for much longer periods. You search and you search, to no avail. Then, when you have torn your hair to shreds, other things turn up whilst you atre looking for the umpteenth time. Not the stuff you have just lost but stuff you lost the last time, or the time before that! Perhaps it is just me? But no, it can’t be? There must be others who get caught up in Gremlin fever? Something of mine has disappreared since Monday though Zi did not miss it until Thursday. That is the thing. These Gremlins hide the fact from you and you have no clue until days later. I hate that! Then comes the guilt. What did I do with said article? What do I usually do (if it is an article used fairly often)? But of course, it isn’t going to be in that place. Come on. Be fair to the poor little soul! He has to have a better hiding place or you would have found it already ! So you search again, with all hope gone. Searching is tiring. It despises the soul, tires the mind, exhausts the body. Finally, you give in, declare the article lost. Getit replaced. And do you know what will happen then? Dear friends, you will find that article, somewhere where you least expect it be. Somewhere you never even thought of looking. All your patience, you guilt, your trial will have been for nought and those nasty little Gremlins, for they are small, will be laughing their tiny heads off at you. And you can do absolutely nothing about it except crawl away, tail between legs ( if you had one, that is) and start all over again. Just a short post this time, dear people, Be good to each other, Evelyn


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