Autumn. Third August Post.Third August Blog It is here! Still in August, but, my friends, here in Southern England, this is the start of autumnal weather. When we see it, the sky has that peculiar shade of blue that signifies it is the autumn colouring. The lights go on earlier now, even if we do get late evening sunshine. We here all know how this weather works! Sometimes it comes in mid-September, but some years, the sky changes much earlier. This year, it actually began in July, but the weather kept being warm so we took it as a blip. Now, in mid-August, we know that it was more than a blip, it was a sign of the times, dear people, in this latitude, definitely a sign of the times. I managed to get outside for less than an hour, and it was totally wet. Plants, underfoot and I got rainwater in my sandals, yuk! I did a bit of cutting, though not much. Tore my finger on the thorns of the blackberry stems, but, dear friends, I can actually see the stem of a sapling tree that has self-set itself in my back yard. Heaven knows where these seeds come from, but it is not the first, nor I guess, will it be the last. It is thicker than I like. Hope my long loppers can cut through it. I am close to that goal, my friends, but so is the changing autumnal weather. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have started a new novel. How far into it I shall get is another matter. It is not tempting me as much as my last novel did. But, press on, semper redundant. Wednesday is my birthday. I am taking my friend to Costa Coffee for a light lunch. Daughter will take us and pick us up. I hope She has been sleeping well so she will be OK to drive. 21-8-14 That was good. So many happy birthday messages on the Internet. I bought a new snood. Light blue with butterflies all over it. It is not as heavy a material as I Wanted but you have to get these items when you see them. I have not gone very far into the new work. I do not think this is the week to try to push with the novel. And on reflextion, I am not certain I will go with it. More of a lead in, for now. Suppose I must be on a kind of plateau. Now daughter has asked me which files I want transferred. I thought eveything would be transferred as is, the whole thing. Oh no! She says I have to choose the files? ALL OF. THEM!!! I will borrow Nerissa’s phrase here. – MOUSES! Not only do I need every single file in my WORKS programme, but I like files from a previous computer that died, so that I can, one day, try to retrieve those worksI have not yet been able to retrieve. Also, other things. So, so near and yet so far! Still, progress of any kind is still progress. I have been waffling a bit lately. The summer is coming to an end, i do not like autumn because, after autumn, comes winter and I absolutely HATE winter. Dear people, I want to close this post so that the next post will be better, I hope. Be good. Evelyn


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