2nd August Blog. I am still working in the garden. Some lovely ripe blackberries to munch whilst cutting the overgrown prickly stems. Boy, they do grow long and fast. One drop of rain ( and there has not been a lot of that this summer, I am glad to say) and they are growing thick, fast and vicious. Still, I am happy doing this job, which, it has to be said, needs keping up to date. Reason it is in a state? Illness! Last year my daughter’s ill health and I was personally working in the front garden all summer, until mid August when we had a real heatwave. My daughter was worse, I was busy running up and down stairs for her and became totally exhausted in the extreme heat. So, that was that for the year. I started this year in April, a couple of hours every day when the weather was clement. I.e. No rain and no waiting for wet branches to dry up. My sacks have been emptied this a.m. (Fortnightly) so I can start filling them up all over again. That does not take long, I assure you. So, no more garden talk. I am sure many of you will be bored stiff. I do like this summer sunshine. I find many ideas for poems in the seasons, sunshine brings forth many delightful images that may be turned into verse. Soft summer meadows filled owith waving grass, wheat or corn or oats. Here in England, many fields are still bordered with trees, shrubs and the like. Old style country meadows with black and white, brown and red cows. Munching away at the long grasses whilst the next meadow has been mown for haymaking. The shorter grass is now fit for sheep, their white fleece can be spotted from some distance away. Growing up in England, even in the city, I personally think a lot of older people here still think of this kind of vista of the English countryside is part and parcel of us all. We are a small nation, often quite insular in our feelings and loyalties, our heritage, our ways. O K, so the younger generation do not serm to have these loyalties any more. I think that World War 2 and fighting for our nation built strengths for each other and our nation as a whole. They do not have these feelings. It is all different. All for self, mostly. They have not seen the destruction that war causes, the losses to people both personal and national. It is the way I feel. Seasonal, that is what it is for me. Oh, I write poetry without using the seasons, but I do like to write poetry about the Countryside. Maybe it is a dream we have that the countrysid is idyllic. I very much doubt it is. I think it is hat writers imagine it to be and somehere in thei minds, the timing is back sonewhere, perhaps in the mid- thirties or the fifties. I would very much doubt that what we think is a reality. I believe that like in the cities, maybe more so, people now are struggling. That rain I was talking about earlier on came this evening. Pretty hefty drops too. Just after ten p.m and it is still chugging down. Well, that puts paid to any garden work for several days. Hopefully, I am off out to tomorrow afternoon/evening to visit relatives. I am debating what to write about in my next novel. Do I stick with the romance genre? Do I complete the scifi novel and the second book in the series? Do I complete plans I had earlier to make another impilation? What would you do? I have so many short stories, I had planned on more compilation books, different kinds but I do not know how popular they might be. Choices, choices! Of course, maybe no one will want to read any of my work. Time will tell. If I can manage to post this blog, this is a slight update on Thursday 14 – 8 -14. Cutting and bagging. Both blackberry stems, elderberry stems/branches and a different kind of ivy that seems to have self-set itself and is somewhat unusual in that it has a kind of green flower or I should say,something akin to a seed head, no more than half an inch across. I do not know much about ivy, but personally, I have never seen its like before. It cuts fairly well, though the thicker stems are a bit tough to cut…..like coconuts, I guess. These stems are useful, in that they provide green mulch insude the bag which is good to help wilt all the other stuff inside the bag, less dangeous with regard to thorns sticking through. I am still pondering on my next novel. It is a hard task! Be good, lovely people, Take care, Evelyn


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