What to do when the rain comes down?





This is going to be very short. Lots of rain on shoet sharp bursts today. Spoiling all my plans to get out and do some more cutting in the garden. And it is much chillier than it should be, and certainly. Lot cooler than last August.
Went shopping this a.m., just for odds and ends. Then over to the clothing store Next, to pick up sone tops I ordered online. Nothing special, just long sleeved T shirts to wear under short sleeved tops, with thoughts of the coming cooler weather.
I also bought a couple of sparkly belts to keep my jeans up, ha! Since losing weight (thoug h at a much slower rate in the last few months) the blue jeans I wear are getting looser. I will have to make another hole in each. I have a special punch to make an extra hole, if only I can find it. If not, think again, take the train as the saying goes.
Managed to pick up a pair of plum jeggings on Saturday. Brings up my total of pairs and colours. So, in essence,I am all set to go for the autumn/early winter.
Yes, now rain! I know we need it, but I would prefer to have it rain in October/Novmber when I give up garden work for this year. Still, we cannot always have what we want. In fact, I think I seldom have what I want in some cases. Ce la vie!
So, after apportioning my medication, i shall start thinking about my next book, and the content thereof, also a cover fir one of my books already on Amazon. The original is not very good.
That is it for this time, lovely people.


2 thoughts on “What to do when the rain comes down?

  1. I’ve hated this latest bout of rain and wind Evelyn. It’s almost tipped over the runner beans and the outside tomatoes haven’t fared much better. All we can expect now though, I guess.x

  2. Me too Gail. It s mu h colder than it ought to be and I sympathise about the geans but especially the tomatoes which should be in their prime now. I am hoping that this is wjat daughter read about us having the tail end of a hurricane/tropical storm Stateside. Néver mind, di your best, it is all you can do. Ley me know how it all goes.

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