Peacock Writers.First August Blog. Alan Mordhiemicus Place commented on Lenora Rodgers Author’s photo in Peacock Writers Lenora Rodgers Author 31 July 20:01 This is part of the entry that Feeding America sent to the local newspaper. I made the donation yesterday: The Peacock Writers recently donated $200 to Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland. The Peacock Writers are a group of authors from around the world who are committed to serving the needs of children through the sale of their books. Their donation to Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland will be used to support the BackPack Program, which supplies at risk children with 12-16 food items for the weekend when school meals are unavailable. Last year the organization supported over 5,500 students in 35 counties through this program. Executive Director, Gary Miles, is pictured above with Lenora Rodgers, a local member of the Peacock Writers. Although this may not get published, the Peacock Writers, of which I am a sometime contributor, has been praised for its donation through sales of books, to a childrens’ charity in America. As you can see above. I feel honoured to be a part. I do have short stories in other books. ‘Reflections of the End’ an Apocalyose anthology. I have one short story and four poems in this book. There is another book out sometime soon about Secrets. There is a poem that came fourth in a magazine competition. I have been busy with all of these works. Help! Starting to think about cooler weather. Long sleeved tops, jumpers, lovely slow cooked meal, Brrrr! Should not do this, and I want more summertime this year, before the autumn rears its ugly head. Need more really. As in other posts, you may have read that I cut lots of hedges every year. This year I was determined to take the height down quite a lot, but it is a slow job, also, blackberry stems, seem to have had booster shots, and as soon as I cut them down, other stems grow up in their place. Autumn is when it should slow down, hopefully, ‘cos I won’t be out there when it gets cold. That is when I hope to be back writing with a vengeance. Wish the sun would make up its mind what it is doing. Well, I suppose it is more the clouds. August, even the beginning of August, should be nice all the time. Last year it was baking the middle and end of the month. And yes, I know we have had some good weather so far this year, but why go and spoil it for the children and their holidays, and for my garden work to carry on. Today, Tuesday 5th August, I cut up and bagged what I had cut down on the Monday. Very prickly yesterday, got ripped several times, not because I was not careful, because I was very careful, even more so in the position the blackberry stems were in, but because several had a whiplash effect and caught me unawares. Having said this, My right wrist is very painful. It is all use of seceteurs. I have worn a crepe bandage all day to try and give my wrist some strength, but it still hurts. Over the years here i have seen dogs become less prevalent. But a neigher person has moved in across the road and they have a small dog. Now today i met a lady who had moved in just down the road and she has a large white dog. So, dogs are coming back, it would seem. Weather seems to have come back warm. Not hot, you understand. It is so nice to have warm weather in summe, ALL summer. That does not normally happen in England. But this year, we seem to have caught the weather just right, though we may pay for it later. Not the most interesting blog and it may not post. I shall gave to try nd see what happens. Be good to yourself lovely people, Evelyn



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