Cinema……… Your favourite memories.Sixth July Blog. Cinema! ……..What was it like for you? I suppose my earliest memories of cinema were when I was quite a dot. My dad took me and I was held in his arms. No! I do not know what was playing, but my dad said at one stage, I made a rude noises, and very loudly, blamed my father as the cause. I could see that happening in my minds eye, and dad and I often laughed about it in later years I did visit the nearest cinema when i was maybe eight to ten or so years. They had Saturday Morning pictures where they played all sorts of kids films for a couple of hours every Saturday morning. I do not remember going every weekend, but I went to several to see all kinds of films, probably The Lone Ranger was one recurring film genre. I should imagine there were also comedies, like Laurel and Hardy and also, I should imagine, cartoons. I love cartoons. Tom and Jerry, to name but one. now to be seen on Netflix and other such t.v. showings. Later, as I got a little older, I was able to go in the afternoon, provided that what was showing was an all U Certificate. Sometimes they had specials where you could go to the upstairs seats. Mighty posh! It was much better sitting in Circle seats, and less crowded and less noisy too. At that time your admission price gave you a feature film, a second feature, a newsreel, and several cartoons, plus the advertisments for the coming week. The showings only lasted one week (occasionally there could be three films at three different cinemas in the town and it was an effort to work out how to get to see each film that week. On the very odd i Occaion, there might be a fourth film at a cinema much further away. This would make schedulling very difficult indeed, but was accomplished, nevertheless.) One time, we were taken from school one morning and walked down to the town cinema, further from my home but do-able. At the time, I had no idea what was going on. But it was a treat for us school kids, the cinema put on a special showing of ‘Scott of the Antarctic.’ I suppose they deemed it an extra-mural history lesson about Captain Scott and his officers trying to reach the South Pole before Ammunson and his men did. Tragically, they were beaten to the Pole by the Norwegians, and they died, or some did, I do not remember too much about the expedition, although, as it was our men, I suppose I should. So, the cinema became a tool of education as well as entertainment. I must admit, with so many cinemas in my general area, let alone the ones slightly further afield as well, I was spoilt for choice. OK, so sometimes the films were not as good, but often, that did not matter. Going to the cinema was the thing to do. Oh yes, there was the odd dance hall, some distance away by bus, and in the local town, for a while, there was a theatre. I went there a few times. Now, that town has a much larger theatre, in a different location. Although the seats are infinitely more expensive, it is available. The town no longer has a cinema. Which is a shame, I think. There is a multiplex in a town farther away, a bit more than 4 miles. So a visit to that cinema has to be planned and booked in advance, usually. I really cannot count how many films I have seen, at the cinema, in my lifetime (let alone all the films I have seen since on t.v. and Netflix etc.) . I guess, all the big important films and the less important ones too. I saw ‘Soylent Green’ in the cinema, so many years ago. ‘Grease’ was another cinema viewing, and more than once there. I saw ‘The Robe’ in the new wide screen, as it was then. Oh, and so many, many more, too numerous to even think of them all. Come to think of it, when I was single, I saw a great many small Western films. They were usually the second feature. Roy Rogers, countless others whose titles escape me. Then, my favourite B movies, the sci/fi genre that gave value for your ticket money. I loved these, mostly black and white. Titles like ‘I Married A Monster from Outer Space’, ‘THEM’, and many more, mostly now forgotten, I guess. The cartoons were a favourite of mine. ‘Tom and Jerry’, I have mentioned before, but there was also ‘Wily Coyote’, Tweetie Pie’, and though the name escapes me, there was one series about a Rooster, and another one, partly Tom and Jerry, about a bulldog and his little pup son. These films, all of them, provide a rich pageant for me to draw on, when writing my stories. I do not copy them, that would be silly and also illegal, but this all becomes ways of good writing to adhere to, use of colour and imagination and so on, all there in my head, of course. Do you have a favourite film from the past? Do please mention it in your comments. Take it easy, friends, Evelyn


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