Do slightly out of the general run stories………..sell?

At rest.

At rest.

Second Fourth July Blog


Sorry folks, must be becaue I am ill.  Double posting of book link and picture gone awry.

Do slightly out of the general run stories………sell?

Without shame, I am going to put a reminder here of my novella, The Sand Writer. I will include the Amazon link when I post.


But what I really want to talk about are a set of short stories that, put together, can become a book. It is set back in time, so far so good. Lots of books are set in history, so what is different?

The difference is that the stories are about a jester. Someone quite lowly in the general scheme of things. Basically, I started with one short story, from Grinndle the jester’s point of view. Let a relative read it and she asked if I had written any more.

That was the start of Grinndle’s life. It grew and grew. Then something happened. I needed his young life to be told. He was a youth, bit of a wag, got in the way. The Lord of the castle decided he shoud be put to good use. And so Grinndle was apprenticed to the current jester who was getting a bit long in the tooth. Two birds, one proverbial stone. One jester in the making, one lad who was taken out of everyone’s hair and his time wisely used.

The stories kept coming. I think it is about ten now, enough for a book. Problem is, they are all on the old computer (I say old, meaning about four years, definitely old by computer standards) and need to get transferred to borrowed laptop for the time being.

I suppose that what I am asking here is, would it be wise, at some point in time to go to all the effort it takes to make a book ready for epublishing, if no one would look at it? I do write some odd stories from time to time, not reall odd but slightly out of the ordinary. At one time, early on in my writing career, I always thought that having a different slant would make my work more interesting, cult following, possibly.

But now, I am not so sure, reading posts about what sells and what does not sell makes me hesitant to use valuable time when I coukd use that time fir something with more of a chance. I never thought I would make a fortune at writing, getting ahead too late in life, what I did aspire to was for peope to read my work and get some enjoyment from it. I still have those thoughts.

Short post for me. So, be good, peoples,



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