Pets ……..the pros and cons, … are we better for having them around?

Fluffing, Twoey and  Miss Melon.

Third July Blog

Pets……….the pros and cons, are we better for having them?

When I was a very little girl, mum and dad got a cat. You did not go out and buy them in those days, so I guess someone’s cat must have had kittens, and they got one. Far too long ago to know for sure. I vaguely remember she had a single kitten that did not live. We did not have this cat for long, and I cannot remember the reason, but she was put to sleep.

When I was around five years of age, they got a puppy from next door’s brood. He was a quarter rough collie. Toby was his name. I loved him and he loved me. When dad or my older brother would pretend to threaten me, he would bark at them and protect me. Fun for them, serious business for Toby. He had his bad side though. Well, not bad but… difficult. The back garden was half fenced in and at times, Toby would get out and dad would call him back. He would come up to just beyond the fence, then when dad moved towards the fence, he would run back down the garden. A sort of game for him, I suppose. Dad always said that if he had had a gun, he would have shot him ( in jest, of course, but it was so maddening for him and time wasting) . He always came back in evetually.

During the bombing in the times of the second World War, when the sirens went, we, as a family, had to get down into the Anderson Shelter in the back garden. I always cried for Toby to be with me, but that plan was vetoed. Still, we all survived. I had Toby until I was fifteen and coming home one day, I found that Toby was not there, (something I later rectified with all subsequent pets, everyone I took to be put to sleep because they had bad illnesses, I always took them myself and said goodbye, even though it often broke my heart – just thinking about it has brought tears to my eyes -{our last cat went ftom us only three years ago}, did not think it could still hurt that much but it is a bad morning)

When thinking about getting a pet, one had to realise that it is for life, their life, and their lives are so much shorter than most. We should love them, look after them the very best we can, and I suppose most if us do. We need to show them that we care for them. There are so many bad tales around of animal cruelty. You would have thought the human race by now, would have come to realise we should treat all animals, wild or pets, how we would wish to be treated, but no. This does not happen in many cases. Plenty of horror stories abound. I see pictures on The Net where dogs and cats have been so badly abused, it make me sick to my stomach. The same happens with wild creatures, seal clubbing for one, elephants with wires around their legs to die in agony or be shot for their tusks. Rhinos for their horms. There is NOTHING medically theraputic in rhino horn. All these poachers are doing is drastically reducing winderful animals to the point of extinction. Same with wild cats and their coats. Mountain leopards, tigers, ocelots, jaguars and so on.

Sorry, bit of a rant there, but it has to be said, some members of the human race are still so barbaric, they are two thousand years behind the times. What gives them the right to act in such indecent and inhumanic ways? They should learn by now to respect the other species that share this planet.

No, I am not a vegetarian, yet. We raise animals to kill them for food. That is the way of things as there are too many if us to hunt our food. And nature made it so that we needed meat in our systems. Cannot odds that as a basic Paleo diet. Thousands of years cannot be wiped out overnight, I see that, though many vegetarians amongst us would disagree, I am sure.

OK, it has been found that taking a dog or cat into an old peoples’ home can be beneficial and theraputic to the elderly who, born of a different era, find time hangs on their hands. Bingo and card games are all very well, but I am sure they pall after a bit. And many of these people would have had pets of one kind or another before they got old and needed a care home, some often having given up longstanding pets to do so. It has long been said that stroking furry animals calms a body in many ways. I have always loved to stroke cats or dogs whether they belonged to me, or not. I think I am a better person for it. I hope others agree with me.

At one time I had six cats all a once. No, it was not mayhem in the house. I have also had two dogs and two cats at the same time. It works, it really cn work if you set your mind to it. They usually got on pretty well together, the cats and the dogs. Just a matter of training the dogs to accept new members of the family.

But, and this is a big but, never get n animal if (a) you have no space for one – say, a medium to large dog in a flat/apartment, (b) you cannot afford, not only the day to day requirements like food, toiletry stuff but future Veterinary payments as you will almost certainly have at some stage, some more than others and (c) last but not least, where you do not properly love and care them. ( I am including birds, fish, reptiles, turtles/terrapins) .

I do not set myself up as some really knowledgeable pet person, I just speak from the heart and a certain mount of experience. If I could still own pets, I would prefer cats. Dogs, of any description, have to be walked. They need exercise (another reason to think very carefully when you plunge into ownership), and if, like me, walking had now become a no no, then dogs ar not for you. Cats can nd do troll about all on their own. But, people, think on this, there are creatures out there that are quite willing to take your cat and dispense with it.

For England, plenty of foxes have now become urbanised. They have come into my garden on several occasions, right up to the back door. Now I do have a friend that welcomes these wild animals. This should not be! They are country dwellers by right. It is just that food has become easy pickings in urban areas. They are not wanted here and have, on several occasions, entered households and bitten babies and children.? A wild creature us NOT a pet! In my case, I think they one for birds that drink and bathe in tubs of rainwater. I can think of no other reason. Unless someone in other houses has rabbits? (I am told that rabbits bite?). Not for me, nor gerbils and also not hamsters or guinea pigs. A realitive has one left and, they really do not do anything but eat. Not an interactive pet in my book.

Be good to yourselves and others,



2 thoughts on “Pets ……..the pros and cons, … are we better for having them around?

  1. Animals have made my life richer. If I need to put a pet down, I hold it. Hurts terribly, but I owe it to the animal. I still love Purr, Spoltchie, Clover, Toughie, Kimm, Kaiser, Nikki, Vixen, Albert, Amadeus, Mika…cats, German Shepherds and Japanese Chins…

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