Computers…..who’d have ’em?


First. July. Blog

Computers…..who’d have ’em?

Anyone who has contact with me online, knows I am not technically minded. I have come as far as I have through the good auspices of online friends. I try to learn, honest I do, but some things have to be drummed into my brain, over and over. I am not built that way. Nor am I of an age to get in on the ground level, as it were.

The first inkling I had of computers was when I worked as a Sales Ledger Bookkeeper back in the 1960s. A computer was brought down from Head Office along with a competent operator. A small corner of our office was sectioned off to house said computer and operator.

Nothing to do with me. I was carrying my daughter at the time and due to leave soon. In 1989 I had a sort of job where a computer was available but no tutorials. So, I pottered about on it occasionally not having a clue about what to do.

I cannot remember when we got our Amstrad computer, green screen. It was not so technical and my daughter learned and helped me. I was able to use it as

a glorified typewriter but with the addition of a back button, yea! Was able to write a novel amongst other things. Not the book above. That came much later.

Time moves on and I was able to buy a proper computer in 1994 . Again, daughter became somewhat proficient and passed her knowledge on to me, eventually. It was slow going and tempers often flared in the teaching. It gave me the confidence to write lots of stories, poems etc. I had already written many works before but this gave me a new impetus.

After a few years, things changed and it died. The next computer belonged to my daughter and I did not have a great deal of time to use it. So, for a few years, I had no computer to use. It was only about four years ago that I was able to buy a new one. By this time, it was easier for my space to get a Netbook. But that too became slower. Now I am using a borrowed computer. Not the easiest of methods to use. I need my work transferred from my own old computer. I can work on this machine but it does not have my work. So, I await the transfer. This is still an ongoing situation which I hope will soon be rectified. I am itching to get my edit completed.

This does not mean I am not writing! Ergo, this blog. I also write some poetry, meantime, I blog, as you may gather. I am also making connection. Always good to be connected to fellow authors and people of the writing world.

Apropo of nothing, the weather has turned. All that sunshine has disappeared, temporarily, I hope. So, shopping today, and no garden work as everything is wet. I worked hard yesterday afternoon, cutting tall hedge stems, .elongated blackberry trailers, some old and dead, but still lethal enough to rip a person’s skin. I have two such damaged areas. Lucky not to have more, but I am very careful. It is just that some of the dead stems have a tendency to whip around when you least expect them to. I did not have time to do small cutting and bagging up. I do not like to leave it all out, but I have health contraints.

I think this will be a relatively short blog as the week is coming to an end and I would like to start on another topic next week, this blog being late.

So, take care lovely people,



2 thoughts on “Computers…..who’d have ’em?

  1. Your story of your daughter helping you learn how to use a computer reminded me of when my dad bought the family our first computer. He didn’t have a clue how to do anything past turning it on when it came in, and my brother and I had to figure it out and teach him and my mother how to use it. Like you, he wasn’t technically minded in that way, and it took a lot of time for him to learn how to do much of anything on it. It’s about 15 years later and he’s finally up to checking email and paying his bills online without one of us right there with him.

    Thank you for bringing up those memories. It’s been a rough night and you put a smile on my face 🙂

  2. Hi Fatchick411. Thank you so much for your comment. I still need help at times, though i am a tad more profficient these days. Best with actually writing though. Wish your dad luck with leaning a little more. Baby steps, eh? I tend to get flustered if things are not going good especially when they were o.k. The last time.
    Take care

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