The Younger Me!

The Younger Me!

Fifth June Blog.

I had a fairly sleepless period in the early hours of bed the other morning. Could not get back to sleep. TIME was on my mind, time slowly passing. I got to thinking about time, what it meant to me, how I felt about TIME itself.

Now, I don’t say that I am that well read, but I watch t.v. and sometimes there are interesting programmes which are very informative. I may not always remember all the information given, so I can be tested if I get things a trifle wrong.

TIME got me thinking about when we are small, the world of TIME seems endless. It stretches to infnity. We, as children, are not aware of its passing. We play, we go to school, the day seems endless, ‘when is the bell going to ring?’ we sigh! The summer holidays go on for ever and ever, to us. To our parents, they cannot wait for those weeks to pass, and to be honest, to a parent, they pass much faster than they do for the child. TIME and Relativity, I guess!

I am reminded of a t.v. programme about Einstein. His theories of relativity. One part I do remember is, they showed a piece about a train. OK, so, most of the information has escaped me but it showed the train moving differently and well, it showed me that TIME moves at different speeds, depending on where you are, in a car, walking etc. Hence relativity. Maybe I have not explained that too well! But for those Dr Who officionadoes, the space machine he uses ( the old-fashioned blue police telephone box ) , is called the TARDIS, in other words. ‘TIME and Relative Dimensions in Space’. I assume, based on Einstein’s theory.

I have digressed slightly. What I need to impart is the fact that it seems, as the years go by, the human body tends to feel that TIME is getting shorter until such times as we reach, relatively, old age when TIME appears to disappear at a rate of knots, heading far away, never to be caught. So, if we need to complete tasks, (whatever they may be) of necessity, we need to speed up our completion of these tasks. For it is like the electric hare or rabbit at a dog track. Unless the mechanism breaks down, we will never catch up.

I have found that the time I have to get jobs done ( with my health becoming inceasingly poor) is less and less as the years go by. I want to finish, not only one book, but several, and I know I will not have the time to do this as my time is spent on more mundane issues and cosseting my body.

So, my friends, how does TIME affect you? Do you think you will have lots more TIME in the future, to grant yourself the dreams and wishes you have always wanted to fulfill your life? When becoming a senior and your working life having ended, you will be able to spend TIME reaching your goals? Beware’. Your mind may dream, but your physical fitness may have deteriorated to such an extent, that those dreams/ goals may have to be changed, made less, to accomodate what you can now accomplish.

So, I am on catch- up. Not just writing, but getting the garden sorted. A full time job if ever there was one . I used to enjoy doing the garden, cutting the hedge, now it has become a huge chore. I waste precious TIME on a long job when I could be writing, even if it is not the editing I badly need to do.

A bit late but I mention that scientists state that the bodies in the great Universe are speeding away from each other. Is this what TIME is doing to us all?

Take care people,



One thought on “The Younger Me!

  1. About time,I would say that it’s relative(according to Einstein) but it can be also very subjective. OK there’s the objective Time(which we don’t always feel as objective),Time which steches like a straight line and the more we get older,that line of time gets shorter and seems to accelerate extremely quickly. But,there’s a but,as I wrote time can be subjective,and it can happen in our lives(even as we get older)that there are moments when time seems to slow down or to stop (even for a very short moment),and we are on another dimension so to speak. IT happens! It’s up to us to pay attention to some moments when time isn’t a straight line anymore,but rather strata or layers of times like a gigantic sphere(I don’t have a better comparaison for the time being). I had this feeling not a long time ago,it was on 21st June(summer solstice) and I went with my partner to a park (which is part of a hotel in our neighbourhood;the park is open to the public),and there’s a magnificent rose garden in that park. In one corner there was a “wall” of little roses in clusters,red in colours,but of a rather faded red. It made me think,I should say it made me feel of a victorian garden,and in the same time childhood memoris came to the surface ,and again in the same moment I felt strongly the present. So it was if I were living several times at the same moment. When I felt strongly the present,it seemed to me that time had stopped,even for a short moment.

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