Is the Pen mightier than the Ipad?

Is The Pen Mightier Than The Ipad?

Is The Pen Mightier Than The Ipad?

Fourth June Blog

Is the Pen mightier than the Ipad?

The photograph, for want of something suitable, was a quickie Ipad snap. It came to me because I had nothing suitable already on file. So……

How many writers still use a pen? Do ideas come easier? Do they think their writing is better when jotted down in the old-fashioned way? Or, have they no idea that pen and paper was the only way to write things down once upon a time? That computers were only recently made available to almost everyone, having only been really invented, in the modern form, not that long ago!

When starting a new Blog, I sometimes wonder what to say, what topic that interests me, interests others? Even a writer of sorts has an off time, when they come up empty, when a topic is hard to find.  If you read my earlier missives, you may gather that I have edits which I should be working on. And this is true. But the changeover from one computer to another has yet to happen. So I have been adding to a new piece, a short story which may turn into something larger. Who knows? For now, it is a piece for another of the groups I belong to. More a stop gap, but still worthy of a storyline.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Trying not to stand still on something big, but filling in gaps? I have already completed one very short story for yet another group, one I had already written some time ago and cannot get to at present. So, although the bare bones are there, much is said slightly differently. This one is called ‘Tiger’. A day in the life of, if you will.

Of course, I do tend to write a few poems. These are relatively easy. They do not take a lot of space. They are often pretty quick to set down ( I do not spend ages pondering over what goes with what ) , I just let my imagination flow. Mostly, I change very little – the odd word here and there until, voila! A poem is born. OK, so they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they satisfy my need of the moment.

Suffice it to say that although held back from the main production, i.e. my novel, (long time in the writing and editing, through unforseen circumstances) , at least I am producing pieces of writing that can be used in the future, should I so desire. I can also use this time to garner more information for future reference regarding novels or short stories to come.

So comes the age old question. Where do I get my ideas from? Where indeed! All my life I have watched t.v. shows ( when t.v. came to us in the British Isles and to my area in the 1950s ), about animals, about other places, other countries, their flora and fauna, their climate, peoples and so on. My mind is full of David Attenborough’s Birds of Paradise or the Komodo Dragons, or the peoples who worship the Cargo Cult, ( I wonder if they still do or if the 21st century has finally caught up with them? ). I also watch all kinds of factual programmes where tid bits of information stick in my memory, Australian Outback, Las Vegas casinos, the Russian Steppes, China, Alaska oh, and so many more, waiting to be set loose on the world, encompassed in a tale, be it short story , poem or novel.

The current novel is set in a holiday town across the Atlantic where I have holidayed twice. Being a romance, for want of a better term, it just needed a few characters, a title (curtesy of my holidays) and a way to bring two main characters together. Of course, there has to be more than just a meeting of minds, a coming together of souls, and with my novel, there are back stories that hopefully round off the plot.

I also have a longstanding sci-fi novel and half of part two written. Both need considerable editing, even though the first and completed novel has been edited countless times, it still needs to be brought up to date, considering I have learned a lot in the intervening years since I first wrote it. I have others, also part written due to not having my own computer for some years, that need to be completed or consigned to a dusty file. You see, not all my work is completed. A writer can always go back, re-write, or change at will, anything they have written years ago as well as current work. I expect some of my older unfinished work will be a surprise to me after so long, definitely will need updating but still useable in some form or another.

So, if you think that old book you wrote and stuck in a drawer or cupboard is no use. Get it out, let it see the light of day. You may get a surprise when re-visiting it. Oh, you may have to rip it apart, save the good and put the rest back to bed. But who knows.

Be good people,









3 thoughts on “Is the Pen mightier than the Ipad?

  1. Hi Evelyn, like you I’ve wondered whether it is better to use pan and pen or keyboard. I’m pretty fast on a keyboard but the problem, I find, is the urge to edit. Every time I sit down to right I change something I wrote the day before.
    I have tried to write on a pad and pen, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, possibly because I’ve become quite addicted to a program called scrivener which helps me do things like outline and research.
    As to where I get ideas, like you, I’d say ‘everywhere.’ My son and I are working on a series of books about an organisation of psychics, we’d watched so many TV shows about superpowers and superheroes, I couldn’t help wondering what it might be like if it really happened, not powers like flying or super strength, but telepathy and clairvoyance. What could you do with them?

  2. Interesting post, and fodder for thought! I am most certainly a pen and paper writer. For some reason I find it harder to concentrate when writing on a computer, even though I am a good touch typist! My inspiration comes from the people and animals around me – lots of observation mixed with some imagination. Like you, I also have several works on the go at any one time. I really need to finish one of them at some soon! Jen.

    • I do have lots and lots of stories completed, but there are those I really should get back to to see if they are worth persuing now. I really have learned a lot. Am I kidding myslf I can write? Only a reader of my works can tell ne. I have written numerous pieces on the computer byt my tutors were good at giving on the spot writing exercises to let us try a fifteen minute work from whatever the tutors chose. The test got us all going, the creative juices flowed. I found them good mind moving times where you had to think on your feet, or on your chair.
      Thank you Jen.

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