Those Were the Days!

Those Were the Days!

Third June Blog. Starting today, 10 th June, 2014 .

A few days of sunshine, and yesterday was very hot with just a slight breeze. Today the breeze has grown in stature to more of a light wind, it keeps the heat down somewhat. The photo above is of my aunt Mabel, she didn’t sell ice creams, it was just a bit of fun, and if everybody has a double, she was my doppleganger. She is the image of me when I was that age in the fifties, in fact even as a child mum would often glance at me and say “You look just like Auntie Mabel”.

I remember when I was a child, at least, I think I remember (at my age, lots of memories fade until you are not sure if what you think you remember, is, in actual fact, real memories or memories you think you remember, if you see what I mean) , summer days that went on forever. Of course, it was wartime then and everyone was out in their gardens every spare moment, ‘Digging for Victory’. People worked all day, home for tea, out in the garden (if you had one) during the light evenings, catching a bit of sunlight, and then working some nights, doing Air Raid Warden duties. It was a busy life then for grown-ups. I know, I was around dad a lot in those days, still quite young, of course, but I loved my dad and I was the apple of his eye.

This was a time when peope pulled together. OK, so a bit of a dirty word these days, but if you did not pull together, you did not win. In these islands, everybody wanted to win. I guess younger people living today have no real idea what that means. It meant that most people wanted the same thing, for the war to end, for Peace to come so everyone could go back to the life they used to lead.
Of course, the life we all had before the war was gone, like many of the people both fighting and at home, and lots of buildings had also gone, especially in the big cities. And so, out of the rubble of war, came a new Britain, a new Europe and many other countries.

The reason I mention all this is to show how my life was coloured by this horrid but mementous event of the middle of the last century.
No computers, not many telephones of any kind, let alone mobiles. Modern technology has brought the world closer together. The modern miracle of Facebook, Twitter etc., where would we be without them? Google, all we have to do is type in a word or two and what we are searching for is usually found, in the twinkling of an eye.

Are we really happy with such miracles or have we told our brains to have a few weeks off. Take a break! Relax! Like other cells in our bodies, they need to be used or they might get lost, having nothing to do!
So, because of my age and the ground work vouchsafed me from all those learning years, I can approach modern technology with strength. I am not so good with technology, it has to be drummed in, until it clicks. But, I get there in the end and hopefully, what comes out is worth reading in the final analysis. You, the reader will have to be the judge.

I hope that the words I type on the ‘printed’ page are interesting, imaginative, fit for the consumer and certainly something slightly different, though this is just a hope, I cannot promise.

Be good, people,



2 thoughts on “Those Were the Days!

  1. Hi. Evelyn, just wanted to say I enjoyed your post. There are times when I look at my kids hunched over their keyboards, listening too headphones, that I wonder where the new technology is leading us, but most of the time Im still amazed at how easy it is to sta y in touch, and more someone like me, thousands of miles from home, thats important.
    One thing you dont say in your post is whethe you’re enjoying the new technology you learn. My Mum learned photoshop in her seventies and that allowed her to create scrap book pages without so much mess to clean up.As soon as she realised that, there was no stopping her! What do you get the most fun out ?

  2. Thank you Lesley. I am pretty good with technology, but not that good. Some things have to be told me, over and over. My brain is not wired that way. But fun, i love that I talk to you and others. I love that I can now, sort of, Blog and have others read what i write. I hav no idea about photoshop. Maybe one day! But for ni, Zi can send my words across the ether, hoping that some people read and enjoy wha my mind has to offer. I only wish my friend in Canada had a computer, we could talk far longer than on the telephone. I could send her information and well, all sorts of stuff. But she doesn ‘t and she is not wired that way either. I do like that I can gleqn all kinds of information whenever I need to look something up, be that for my writing or just general knowledge. It s amazing! But it isn’t everything.
    Thanks again.

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