Nelson. Deceased.

Nelson.  Deceased.

Evelyn’s Blog. This may not be anything to do with my subject matter, but I like the stance and he was a lovely cat to cuddle.

What makes a person? Nature or nurture?

When I look back on my life, i see a normal woman, grown from babe to girl to adult. All the years that fashioned countries, people. All the modern developments that have changed and are still, changing the way we live, the way we communicate.

I was born just pre a world war. Munitions were the thing then. I have written about my childhood during those dark days. One day I will publish those memories in some form or another. For now, I have to wind my way through a time and see in my minds eye, the small changes that I lived through. The little things we often forget.

All had an impact on my life. I was lucky enough to travel, to Canada mainly. A friend emmigrated, so I was able to visit across a vast ocean, to stay in a wild land. O.K, not so wild in the City, but to an English Islander, it felt wide and wild, so different from my small life back home. Those memories too, will be published at some time. These were the 1960s.

So, does anyone see how the pieces of my particular jigsaw puzzle come together? You are what you are when born. Nothing can change that. But those little happenings, that you also have no control over, play a part in making you the person you are or have become. It makes sense, to me anyway, that all i have been through, good or bad, has built that me I see, as I am now.

The animals that once were a part of my life. The dog I grew up with, the cat that did not last very long. When they were gone, a hole was left. It was not until my daughter was eight years old did I finally have another dog to care for. After that, another dog or two and several cats. Each one was a a treasure, each one left yet another hole, only patched. Yet more pieces of the me, jigsaw.

Bringing up a daughter ( in my case) changed my views. A ‘what if’ scenario and my life would not be what it is today. Friends too, they play a large part in forming me, not firgeting family, of course.

I would not be me, if all or any of these tiny pieces, choices you might say, had not happened and made me what I am right now, at this moment. Mother, aunt, writer, sometime artist, lover of creatures, lover of theatre and books. In my opinion, nurture plays the larger part.

Take care, Evelyn. 16-5-14

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