Ranch House Style

Ranch House Style

I adored this house in Canada. My friend’s husband built it, finally adding a deck almost all the way around. Out front one could sit in the sun, as I once did sorting out Brussel Sprouts and tomatoes, or on the steps leading to the gravel, surrounded by trees of all colours.
More trees out back, some growing through the decking via specially cut holes during the laying of the deck. More shady, but one could also view the lake and the further shore from slightly different angles.
The house facing the lake, was glass almost from top to toe, including the basement so the views were panoramic. I could sit and watch small boats traversing the Sound, going up towards people’s homes and further still, The Islands, a group of islands, sone ine a yard square, so e very much larger and all sizes inbetween.
Certainly a place of contemplation. The early morning sun hitting the far shore, the moon sitting low in the sky, a bank of white cloud between it and the water. Here is where I have set my forthcoming novel.
Take care all

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