Spring Planting and all that Jazz!

Here I am finally

.  Time has passed and I have no if am actually getting

out to anyone!  Maybe.  I shall continue as if I am reaching a reading public.

For days now the weather has been windy and often wet.  We all know about the English weather, can  change on a sixpence, or a dime.  That has been the case this week ( which, I may add, has been a busy week) .  Today however, has ben wonderfully warm.  Good thing because, earlier than I expected, my plug plantlets arrived from the Nursery.  Help!  They need to be planted up immediately!  Well, in my case, 24  hrs later.

Said plants are now potted and are in the lap of the Gods.  Commonly known as Busy Lizzies, their proper name is Impatiens.  I think they are myriad colours.  I have grown many in my time, but health, age and tiredness has cut diwn the amount of flowers I will grow this year.  I was going to give them a miss this year.  Concentrate on tomatoes.  But the price was so cheap, I could not resist.

More hedge cutting, in this gorgeous sunshine, even though having had a hand operation last Friday, I have to be very careful.  I do like to sit and cut things, bagging as I go along.  It is, for me, a peaceful task, albeit a long one.  Still, the task usually gets dine by fair means or foul.

seems the weather forecast does not agree with me.

I shall be back at some time soon.  Anyone wishing to make a comment, please do so.

Take care all,



4 thoughts on “Spring Planting and all that Jazz!

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  2. Sounds like you have a busy time in the garden planned over the next few weeks. Winter is almost here in Australia, so time to put the garden to sleep. I’m now pulling out all the summer annuals as the frosts have bitten them. Time for me to snuggle up by the fire and concentrate on my writing, gathering fire wood and making soup from the last of the tomatoes from last season. Enjoy your spring and summer and I hope its a bumper crop of everything you grow.

    • Thank you for replying Dawn. This is really my first Blog, with a help from a kind friend. I am useless at this stuff. Glad you are settling down to more writing. Wish i could, but that is another story. Editing, is what I need next. I tought I had. Bumper crop of cherries. Nah-ah! The wvinds boe and the rain came down heavy and most of the cherry-lets are on the ground. I will still ge busy fir a long time ye, cutting diwn hedges and blackberties.

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