Right everyone, seems I have

Done everythin correctly this time.  With my eyesight problems, it us yard for me to read the small print.

just watching QVCUK.  Nit fir any reasin, just background noise.  Skirt a nd matching top, I tell a lie, skirt only for £45 .  Now, i do not have a lot of cashso most of my gear comes. In much lower than that.  I guess if you are working, that usn’t too high a cosy.  Not that I would buy this particular garment.

All of this is not about writing.  I have written pieces most of my life.  Poems, little bits and pieces but started writing seriously about twenty five years ago.  Took lots of Creative Writing Courses to learn about the craft and to hone what skills I thought I had as a storyteller.  Only my readers can confirm if the end product was worth it.

Short post again for niw, for which I apologise.  More to co e soon about my new novel, ‘Those Tangerine Hills’, working title.

take care,



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